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A Guide to Alcohol Rehab and Understanding the Disease

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Alcoholism is one of the more prevalent addictions in society. Nearly every social gathering incorporates the use of alcohol. There are dangers of developing a habit using this substance that might require professional help to break free.

Alcohol is no big deal, right?

Alcohol is one of the most abused and misunderstood substances available for public consumption. Alcohol is available almost anywhere. Convenience stores, liquor stores, grocery stores, bars, and restaurants are only a few of the venues to find your favorite alcoholic beverages for sale. As long as you are 21 it is safe to consume, correct? Making the drinking of alcohol a frequent activity, or drinking too much consistently can land you with a nasty habit that is hard to break.

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Signs of Alcoholism

One does not become an alcoholic overnight. It takes time for your body to build a tolerance and addiction to this chemical. The more you drink, the more it will take to get the equivalent high of the time before. Eventually, it will be hard to make it through the day without being mentally consumed with finding a way to imbibe in a drink. Sneaking alcoholic beverages into the workplace, school, or hiding it around the house is one sign that you have a severe problem on your hands. At some point, you will not be able to stop drinking without enduring tremors and possibly seizures safely. Experiencing severe physical symptoms is when you need to seek professional help quickly.

Impact of Alcoholism

The damage that the disease of alcoholism can do to live is astounding. It often takes credit for destroying marriages, families, friendships, finances, jobs, increases the likelihood of losing homes, cars, and the respect of everyone you know. What may start as an innocent beer, wine, or shot of whiskey can end up as a multi-day drinking binge and zero memory of what transpired. There is nothing positive to be gained from active alcoholism.

What causes alcoholism?

There is a whole host of reasons for alcoholism, but the main reason people keep coming back for more is the physical addiction to the substance. Genetic predisposition to addiction can be one cause that leads an individual to become an alcoholic. Fighting chronic depression, numbing anxiety and stress, and self-medicating for pain are all mental and emotional reasons that many turn to alcohol in the first place. Loss of a spouse, child, parent, or other loved one can also result in an uptick in drinking behaviors.

How does alcohol rehab work?

A Guide to alcohol rehab program will assess the extent of your alcohol use and build a personalized treatment plan. You will be safely detoxed and medically monitored to make sure you are not having any difficulties in the process. The severity of withdrawal symptoms experienced with heavy alcohol use over long periods of time makes safe detox a requirement for alcohol rehab programs. You should never attempt to do this on your own. You will also be entered into a therapy program to help find other ways to cope with stress, anxiety, and other problems without turning back to alcohol use.

How long will I be in rehab?

The length of time you are in the rehab program will depend on how long you have been drinking, how much you drink, and how well you are responding to the detox and therapy. Both are a part of the process that can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. There is no cure for alcoholism. It is imperative to safely get the alcohol out of your body and begin the process of getting the disease under control.  

Preparing for Alcohol Rehab

You need to mentally prepare to enter alcohol rehab by envisioning life before alcohol took a hold and did this often. Freedom from addiction is the goal you are trying to reach. Take plenty of clothing with you that is soft to the touch. Alcohol withdrawals can make the skin incredibly sensitive. Having smooth, non-irritating clothes will do wonders to make the days and nights more pleasant. Let all necessary parties know where you will be and why. Give them a number to get a hold of you in cases of emergency. Plan ahead for the care of pets, children, and your house or apartment.

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