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In 2014, according to various public studies, almost 1/3rd of all car collisions in State of Indiana that led to fatal injuries were connected to dangerous driving. The largest proportion of drivers exhibiting this behaviour were females and males between the ages of 15 and 20 and 1/4th of the fatal collisions that happen within Indiana involved speeding and about 13% of fatal collisions involved a driver under influence of alcohol.

Sadly, many of these motor vehicle accidents have life-altering consequences for victims and family members andcould be prevented, as they are caused due to human error. A driver not paying attentionto the road can easily lose control of their vehicle and cause harm to others. Blackburn & Green have experienced accident attorneys and have the knowledge about how insurance companies handle such claims and can assist victims in negotiatingtheir claims with the insurance companies. Blackburn & Green believe that it is important to protect the rights of the accident victims and their families when insurance companies use all possible tactics at their disposal to push for lower settlement offers or help accident victims to fight back for valid claims.

When drivers disregard road conditions, drive at excessive speeds or drive recklessly, they endanger lives of pedestrians, motorists, passengers of other cars and bicyclists. Blackburn & Green help accident victims to pursue a claim for any injuries caused due to the negligent or careless actions of another motorist.

Blackburn & Green assist accident victims to investigate all factors which resulted in their accident and identify parties responsible for the sameasa vehicle an accident may involve more than one driver and have more than one cause.

Vehicular Accidents can happen due to a combination of factors such as speeding, aggressive driving and distracted driveretc and these accidents could lead to devastating injuries. Black & Green represents accident victims by deploying its resources to investigate accidents and putting together a compelling case for compensation.

Vehicular accidents can be caused due to many forms of negligent driving behavioursuch as dangerous driving, including disregarding traffic signals, speeding, improper passing, aggressive driving, tailgating and driving too quickly for weather conditions etc and accidents due to such negligent driving accidents which can change the lives of the victims and their families forever.

Blackburn & Green inspect the accident scene, photograph the vehicle and preserve evidence, identify and contact eyewitnesses and analyse facts and evidence associated with the damages and the injuries occurred in the accident and identify all of the potentially responsible parties.

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