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Creating Extra Space in Time for Christmas

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Christmas, a time that is enjoyed by all – However things can get hectic due to lack of space, especially for those with smaller homes. Don’t worry though today we are going to be listing some ideas for those looking for extra space in time for Christmas. Are you in need of extra space? Whether it be for a dining table, a party, guest to stay over, or anything else today we aim to help you!

How to Gain More Room

  • There is space under your bed – Even when you think that all of your home storage is full, you might be wrong. Go out and buy some plastic under bed storage boxes to store your Christmas presents in. Some of these come with wheels so that they can be easily taken out and put back underneath.
  • Have a good clear out – Many people think that Spring is the best time to clear out your home of things that you no longer need, however just before Christmas presents an ideal opportunity. Go through every room in your house sorting out things that you and your family no longer need or want. Consider selling your items or giving them to charity – After all Xmas is a great time to give to charity.
  • If you really do have a tiny home and need that bit of extra storage to get you over the Christmas period you could opt to rent a storage unit to storage your things, or even invest in a shed which we are sure will come in handy all year round.
  • Want to host Christmas dinner but no room for a dining table in your house? Why not consider portable buildings hire – Portable building hire is incredibly affordable and could provide you with an extra room which you could use as a dining room for your Xmas feast. You could also double this room up as a guest room so that you guests can stay the night.

These are only a few of the ways in which you could create extra space in time for Christmas too – There are many more available and it really is all about being creative. If you can think of any ways to that people could create more space in time for Christmas then do not hesitate to comment and let us know, we are certain that everyone will greatly appreciate your assistance. Thanks in advance and good luck with creating that much needed storage space.

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