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Dean Toriumi MD – Sharing Insights about Rhinoplasty and Revision Surgery

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The current demand to look good at all times is possible with a lot of contribution from the medical world. There is constant pressure among many people who are in the limelight to ensure that their face is in top shape just like the rest of them. The world looks at a person’s face and makes the primary judgment and so there cannot be any compromise on having minimum beauty. This is not just restricted to the celebrities alone but even to the common people as Rhinoplast surgeons like Dean Toriumi MD claims.

There are people who may have cleft lips, or out of shape nose or a round jawline that might look out of proportion. So, cosmetic and corrective surgeries like Rhinoplasty are popular not just among the celebrities but also among the common people. People consult the doctors and surgeons for the Rhinoplasty and they might get their noses back in shape.

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How Dr. Dean Toriumi handles the Rhinoplasty?

The surgery of Rhinoplasty is not cosmetic and it is more of corrective for nose reconstruction. This means that those who have birth defects and their nose is out of shape as it is from birth and those who have had an accident and need a total reshaping of their nose can go for Rhinoplasty. The surgery is very detailed and though the entire operation might take just around 60 minutes, it might take more depending on the complication that the person has. If there are damaged cartilage then the surgeon would have to take more time.

Need for revision after a Rhinoplasty:

Many a times, the patient might not be happy with the nose that he might get after the Rhinoplasty. This is common for those celebrities who come for cosmetic purposes and find that their new nose job did not complement or heighten their facial beauty as much as they had anticipated.

That is when they might reconsider going for a revision surgery. There are many reasons for the patients to go for revision surgery in the nose job. The tip asymmetry is the big reason for the patients to reconsider the revision of the surgery. This said, the second big reason for the patients to go for corrective surgeries up to 3 or 4 times too is the failure to cover or restore the actual deformity. This means that if the patient had a big problem in the first time when he or she went for the surgery, and it did not make a big change, then they might have to go back again.

Since, the rhinoplasty is just like any other plastic surgery and it surely impact the beauty of a person, it would be wise to go only to a registered and practiced doctor. The doctor who has perfect understanding of the aesthetics would surely know the way it will look good and improve the look overall. For the same reason, consulting Dean Toriumi MD is of primary importance so that the Rhinoplasty surgery goes well and exactly as per his or her choice.

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