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Geoffrey Morell Inspires both the Young and the Old Alike in Living A Healthy Life

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Every individual throughout their life span, follow someone or the other at some point of time, the person or the idea they follow becomes an inspiration for the individual. People derive inspiration from some characteristic or quality or ideology of another person; it is Geoffrey Morell’s outlook towards the ways of achieving a healthy, fit and long life that acts as an inspiration to the masses.

The age of 85 odd years has not proved to be a hindrance or an obstacle in the life of this founder of Western A. Price Foundation. He has lived his life well and has tried his hands on a many a things like energy healer, medical intuitive as well as dairy farming, as you can see the range is huge. And in every walk of his life he was reinforced with the belief that the lifespan could be extended, only if one wanted to.

This is reason Geoffrey Morell his ultimate cumulative studies show that he emphasized on the eradication and the incorporation of three things, from the life of an individual that could act as a catalyst in bringing about the extended life span. He strongly believes that if one is able to let go of the jealousy, hatred and ego that occupy a lot of space and replace it with being receptive, making changes in the way you think and put in more focus in the content of food you take in; then there could be nothing else that could come in your way of staying fit and young even when your biological age keeps increasing.

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Age is No Bar to Stay Healthy- Geoffrey Morell Lays A Concept Of It

He stresses on the consumption of raw food as well as following a healthy regime; a lot of people are now taking up vegetables as their staple food and have begun calling themselves, vegans. They are consumers of what is known as the ‘vegan’ diet. A vegan diet primarily includes all sorts of fruits and vegetables, anything that does not have blood following the veins. As a matter of fact, people have also opted to go in for a vegan diet to show their sympathy and love for animals.

Of course, like every other trend this too have its negative repercussions wherein people criticize that even a person living on potato chips and soda could be called a vegan, but that is not true. A vegan is a person who eats healthy ‘non-meaty’ stuff. It is not for no reason that so many people have gone onto follow this way of eating, the most basic benefit got from a vegan diet is elimination of obesity.

It has been found that those who consume this diet less obese and weigh at least 5 to 20 percent less than those who consume meat. This is probably one of the major that these people are at bay from the vicious attack of type II Diabetes as well as the fatal coronary diseases.

Thus, all in all it can be safely concluded that eating healthy and leading a healthy life style like Geoffrey Morell are two things that every individual should follow religiously to be happy and satisfied with their life.


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