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How to Choose the Right Home Inspector

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One of the most stressful parts of buying a new home is the home inspection. What appears to be an ideal suburban home might turn out to be a nightmare after a thorough inspection. Problems like damaged foundations, termites, bad plumbing and faulty wiring might not always be apparent right away and everyone hopes that a home inspection won’t uncover something like that.

Still, buying a home is a major investment and you want to know what’s underneath the freshly painted walls and brand-new appliances. Because of this, hiring a home inspector is a crucial part of any home purchase.

To make sure the home inspection is as effective as possible, you need to hire a reputable home inspector. They have to be unbiased, experienced and properly equipped to thoroughly inspect the home and uncover any problem that might become a major issue later on. Reliable companies such as The Inspectors Company are hard to come by these days, which is why we’ve compiled a few tips on choosing the right home inspection company.

Ask About Their Experience

Like any other service you hire, you want to know that the company’s staff is experienced to do the job. They need to have a lot of similar projects under their belt as well as proof of their past experience. The more years they’ve been doing it, the more adept they will be at pinpointing problems that might not be as obvious to a rookie. You’ll feel more comfortable knowing someone with relevant experience is helping you assess the home purchase.

Find the Company Info and Read Their Reviews

The Internet has made it incredibly easy to do a background check on a company you want to hire. One simple Google search will reveal any relevant information about their business. But more importantly, it will reveal what others like you had to say about their services. Turn to Google Business Pages or Angie’s List to find out what others have to say about their service.

Ask for Recommendations

If you know someone who’s recently bought a home, ask them if they have a reliable home inspection service to recommend. If they were happy with the company they hired for the job and are willing to recommend them, the same company will likely provide the same quality of service for you as well.

Ask If You can be Present

A home inspector should be able to do their job with or without the buyer. Therefore, it’s important to ask whether you can be present during the inspection. This will make you feel more secure but also ask for their opinion on the spot. They will be able to explain things as you go and give you a clearer picture of whether the home is worth investing in or not.

Ask for their License

Home inspectors don’t need to carry a license in all states, but choosing someone with a license regardless of the requirements is always a good idea. When looking to hire a home inspector to make sure to ask for a copy of their license to confirm their qualifications. If you live in a state that requires a license, check with the relevant state agency to see whether their license is still valid or find out if somebody had any complaints regarding their services.

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