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Important Things ToConsider While Importing A Motorbike To Australia

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Importing a motorcycle to Australia from overseas may seem cheap because the prices of motorbikes in other countries are far cheaper; however it comes with some pitfalls too.

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Making the Bike Compliant

According to experts, the cheapest and easiest motorbikes to import and comply are standard trim. On the other hand, highly modified bikes are tough to import and can be very pricey.

When you import motorcycle to Australia and hire Dazmac Logistics, for example, the company may need to do modifications even if the bike is in standard trim to make it compliant to Australian standards.

These changes mostly involve lights (colour, size and distance from the backside of the motorbike), but may also include the handlebars, exhaust and number plate holder. Most are easy to do this, but those with high bars and a low seat can be expensive to modify.

If you are looking for a vintage bike, you have a little better news. Bikes made before 1989 can be complied easily and those made before 1975 when Australian Design Rules didn’t exist need just a roadworthy certificate.

Be aware that the rules of importing vehicles will be changing from 2018. You can import vehicles that are not imported already by official distributors, are not more than 12 months old, have standards compatible to Australia and have no higher than 500km on the odometer.

Also you can import only one vehicle every couple of years.

Consider Costs

Your costs of making the bike compliant include fitting new brake pads and tyres, amber indicators, metric speed and reflectors.

Plus you have to consider the cost of shipping. If you receive cheaper quotes, don’t forget to check whether they include quarantine and other fees. You also have to pay GST on the landed cost of the motorcycle.

These costs make it unfeasibleto import cheap bikes. By and large, if the bike you are planning to import is cheaper by $5000 than you get in Australia, it’s practical to import it if the exchange rate at the time of import is good. It proves to be unfeasible when the Australian dollar is less than 80c.

Pricier bikes are better value; however that depends on their mileage, accessories and rarity. It’s not feasible to buy Royal Enfield from India because you can get it here for below $5000. The most feasible brands to import are Ducati and Harley-Davidson.

You should find a company like Dazmac Logistics that will find you a suitable vehicle, purchase it, ship it, deal with all compliance issues and even deliver to you. All these processes may take up to ten weeks.

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What You Should Know

All vehicles to be imported to Australia need an Import Approval. Under the Specialist and Enthusiasts Vehicle Schemes (SEVS) for modified machines or through the Registered Automotive Workshops Scheme (RAWS) they can be imported, you can even look in for a UK, US or Japanese import cars and hire Dazmac Logistics.

Vehicles that can be imported under SEVS are on the register of SEVS. However, being on the register doesn’t mean that anyone has actually tested them to allow selling them as imports.

Vehicles on the list of unrestricted imports are chiefly motorbikes and are commonly from mainstream manufacturers.

More Info

  • While importing a motorcycle in Australia, the first and foremost requirement is that you are a permanent resident of Australia or plan to be one. If you are in a foreign country and moving to Australia, you won’t get final import approval until you are in Australia with an immigration stamp on your passport.
  • Only one motorcycle per person is permitted which should have been owned and used by that person for 12 months and not have been taken out of that country for above 42 days during the time you owned it.

Take these points into consideration while importing a motorbike and enjoy your passion truly and smoothly.

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