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Does it sound magical? But it is true if you want to get a massage in Kolkata. This is made possible by the multi-tasking Services Portal online – namely Urban Clap. This is a Service-oriented Portal that offers 73 different kinds of Services, carried out by nearly 1,00,000 professionals all over Indian cities, and have served nearly 3 million people of India.

Before going into more details, let us see what body massage is all about.

Interesting facts about Full Body Massage:

The human body mechanism works like a clock. The tissues, muscles, and nerves of the bodywork hard every day, to enable the person to be active and finish the daily commitments. Yet when the body limbs undergo strenuous work all day long, naturally you feel fatigue overwhelming. Your body aches at various places and cringes for some relief by relaxation, and kneading the body muscles with fingers, soothingly.

Body Massage is an art, as well as a therapy, first originated in Asian Countries of China, India, Japan, Egypt, Arabic and Greece thousands of years ago. This therapy by its wonderful results in promoting the healing process spread fast all over Europe.

Medical Science and Studies conducted revealed full body massage surely relieves mental as well as physical stress, calms down the nerve system, and enables the human body to get spectacular rejuvenation. Trained Specialists learned this art of body massage, and relieved millions of people from their distress, fatigue and body aches. There are 83 different types of body massage according to experts.

What is the normal way out for body massage?

Usually, in densely populated Cities like Kolkatta, people who want to get body massage in Kolkata have to go to commercially-run Spas. Commuting to these places in heavy traffic itself is a headache. Even if they go to popular Spas, there will be a lot of crowds and be waiting becomes inevitable. This will increase already accumulated mental stress.

The fees charged will be on the high-side, cashing in on the increasing demand. Today’s hectic lifestyle of people, both men, and women make it harder for them, to get mental peace in the normal course. Is there any alternative? Surely yes – by contacting UrbanClap online, availing their Service of Full Body Massage for men and women at their own home, creating the ambient and conducive atmosphere for massaging, people can get excellent relief.

Specialities of Full Body Massage by UrbanClap professionals:

  • A trained expert Massage Specialist (male or female as the case may be, according to your need) from among many will be deputed to your home, instantly.
  • The Specialist will bring everything required for Full Body Massage – like the Massage Bed, aromatic herbal oils, disposable bed-sheet, napkin, chest cover, creams and other accessories like a towel, sponge etc.
  • A comfortable environment for body massage, with candle lighting and playing melodious music etc. will be created in your room. You will be made completely relaxed first, before starting Full Body Massage therapy.
  • You are given the option to choose from many variants of body massage in Kolkata such as – Swedish Massage for men with high pressure and for women with low pressure; Packages of de-stress treatment; Body Scrub treatment; Pain Relieving Treatment and so on. The choice is entirely yours.
  • There are many add-ons too – like Head Oil Massage; Face Massage; Head and Shoulder Massage; Foot Reflexology; and Body Scrub etc.

Benefits of Full Body Massage:

There are innumerable benefits by undergoing Full Body Massage such as – relieving stress; increased flexibility; improved Immune System function; relieving tension headaches and migraine pain; improved digestion; reducing fatigue; lowered blood pleasure; anxiety reduction; decreases premenstrual syndrome; improved sleep habits; and reduced muscular pain and spasms etc.

Just by clicking avail exclusive Massage Specialist visiting your home!

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