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Testosterone Enanthate and Bulking Cycle – What You Should Know About the Cycle

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When bodybuilders or athletes start the steroid cycle, they usually take a break from their cycle and let their body regain its normal working mode. This time duration between the steroid cycles is known as in-between cycles. Testosterone enanthate cycle is one of such cycles that are followed, during the in-between cycles of steroid supplements.

Testosterone is the hormone that is produced in the testes of men. It is responsible for taking care of many factors such as the development of secondary sexual characters in men including deepening of voice, growth of facial hair and body hair. When there is no enough production of testosterone in the body of men, they will look for alternative methods that can help them with balancing the testosterone level in their body and this is known as testosterone replacement therapy.

Usually injections are used in testosterone replacement therapy. As a result, different forms of injections are available for the testosterone enanthate users. The main aim of using testosterone enanthate injections is to treat the medical condition known as hypogonadism. However, bodybuilders use the injections for performance enhancement, even though they are prescribed to take the injection by their physicians.

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Cycle Guide of Testosterone Enanthate

When you look through the steroid injections that are considered as the most popular ones in the world of bodybuilders and athletes, you will see that testosterone enanthate stands in the top position in the list. The higher rates of misuse, abuse and even overuse of testosterone steroid supplement has made it to be listed as a Class III or Schedule III drug supplement, from the time it was introduced to the world of steroids after 1950s.

The popularity of testosterone enanthate has made it the most opted supplement, when it comes to treating many medical conditions. When injected into the body, the esters that are present in the injection form will make it easier for the supplement to disperse into the muscles and also to be absorbed by the muscular tissues.

Dosage Cycle

The suggested amount of testosterone enanthate for the steroid users is decided based on the steroid usage history of each individual. The beginners can take up to 200mg to 400mg per week, and the moderate users can extend the dosage up to 400mg to 500mg in a week. The experienced users of testosterone enanthate can use about 600mg to 750mg of the supplement per week. If you are not sure about how much to take, then you can always take the help of your physician.

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