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Top 5 Hiding Spots Teenagers Use For Their Cheap Glass Pipes

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You’re raising a kid and all of a sudden that fateful day smacks you across the face with the full blown realization that they are no longer a kid, but some sort of irrationally complex entity known as a ‘teenager’. What’s worse, you think they might be, god forbid, smoking pot!

All the signs are there: excessively good scents from colognes or perfumes, your bottle of eye drops keeps mysteriously changing locations, that bag of chips you were savoring for movie night vanished in less than twelve hours. But, you’re a responsible parent and don’t want to vilify your son or daughter, especially without proof. Maybe you tried the ol’ ganja back in your heyday, or knew people that did at least, and you or they turned out just fine. To make sure that they don’t immediately regress and deny culpability when you confront them with an aim to open mindedly discuss the complicated matter that is smoking cannabis, you need to find their stash or whatever it is they smoke with. This isn’t necessarily recommended though. Snooping through your child’s stuff is a major breach of privacy but if you present them with your proof simply with the intention to discuss the matter calmly without getting angry, they might forgive it in the end for being a cool parent. Without further ado, dear concerned parents reading this, here are the top five hiding spots I’ve used in the past for my numerous cheap glass pipes.

1: Sock/underwear drawer. If you make them put away their own laundry, this one is extremely likely.

2: A random box that’s been collecting dust for years in the garage.

3: In a box outside of the house, near the front or back door probably.

4: In a shoe box or something similar in the deepest darkest corner of their messy closet through only the teenage guardian can navigate the treacherous heaps of junk and clothes. Good luck with this one.

5: Lastly, try anywhere near their bed. Maybe tucked next to the mattress, or underneath it. If their bed is near a window, the likelihood of this one increases tenfold.

If you didn’t find any cheap glass pipes or rolling papers throughout this scavenger hunt, maybe you should cut your losses and wait for a better opportunity to arise. Make sure you leave no trace of this quest though, especially if you don’t find anything!

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