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Top Benefits of Jeep Compass

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The car market of the world has been overwhelmed with new and quality cars in different segments. But, the segment that has caught the attention of most of the customers is the D-segment. This segment constitutes the SUVs that are sturdy and a great choice for off-road journeys. Most of the cars might fail to serve the consumers with the reliable design and comfort that a consumer always looks for while buying an SUV.

Determining the needs of the modern-day consumers in the car market, the manufacturers have scratched their heads to make SUVs one of its kinds at a fairly reasonable price that comes with great features. A bright example of a blend of high-performance and amicable design is the Jeep Compass. So, if you are looking forward to buying a Compass, this article will sum up the top benefits of the vehicle.

The Top Benefits

There are various reasons as to why you should buy a Jeep Compass which is an ideal mix between the Renegade and Cherokee. Moreover, we have listed down the best reasons for buying this exception SUV of its class.

  • Aesthetics: As already mentioned, the vehicle is an attraction to the off-road enthusiasts. Unlike its previous failure, the manufacturer has taken into consideration the looks that add a contemporary flavor which is both stylish and fun. The new Jeep Compass is a blend of the hardy Wrangler and comfortable Grand Cherokee. So, if you think of a hybrid car which provides you with off-road comfort, sturdy, and trendy stature, then this SUV is just for you.
  • Affordability: This is probably the best reason that you should opt for a Compass. It fits your budget and is definitely value for money. Compass is highly valued in the market due to its high-performance engine and great aesthetics. Considering the price for a Compass, this is an ideal car for a person who is searching for a sports utility vehicle which entails modern features and takes care of safety and comfort.
  • Safety Features: In terms of safety, there is no other SUV that can beat the Compass. Jeep Compass is safer and reliable vehicle with standardized safety features loaded in the vehicle. The vehicle houses side-mounted airbags, rear airbags, antilock brakes, dashboard airbags, and traction control. Now, these safety airbags make the vehicle a reliable one for the family. The other safety features include child locks and rear parking sensors.
  • Interiors and amenities: The interiors of the Jeep Compass are exceptional and give the SUV an edge over others. There are a plethora of modern features that mimic the interiors of a premium-end high in class models. The seats are comfortable along with a digital dashboard, touch-screen, and control stalks.
  • Powerful Engine and stable Chassis: The strong SUV houses a powerful engine with an ideal torque output. It is mated to a 6-speed manual gear shift train. A soft clutch pedal also adds to the smooth ride. The suspension system helps the SUV to track off-road without losing balance.

So, these are the top benefits offered by the Jeep Compass. So, if you are looking out for a sturdy, stylish, and reliable SUV for a perfectly comfortable ride with your family within a budget constraint, Compass is the obvious solution that will cater to all your needs.

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