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Unbelievable Signs You’re Hiring A Naïve Web Design Agency

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You find a web design company with a good portfolio and excellent pricing. You exchange some emails or messages and request a quote for their web design work. After thorough consideration, you’ve finally decided to work with the web design team. To make the scenario even worse, they ask a deposit for the work you want them to complete and without hesitant, you send one. After a few days, you never heard from the agency again.

Is this scenario sounds familiar to you? Well, that is just one of the telltale signs that you are hiring a clueless web design company. Their goal? To rip you off. You might be their next target, so it is important to know the signs of an unprofessional web design agency before spending money.

  1. A scantily-designed company website

You are contracting a web design team to build your medical website, right? Obviously, this should reflect on their website. Think about this, do you think a web design company can provide you a professional-looking website if theirs is poorly-designed? Definitely, no. So never get involved in this agency, instead browse your other options.

This is one of the aspects in Result Driven SEO you shouldn’t ignore. Choose companies who at least have proven track record in building doctor’s websites and SEO campaigns.

  1. No staff or real office

How deeply you know your web design company? Do they introduce staff members and physical location? There are essential things to be taken into account. Put in mind that many unprofessional web design artists hide under the roof of “Internet-Based Company”. One telltale sign of a clueless web design team is the lack of staff or real office.

  1. They do not ask enough questions

Is your web designer asks you tons of questions especially before starting to work on your assigned project? If not, have second thoughts of hiring him. Questions should begin from the kickoff meeting and first sales meetings to the strategy period of the project.

Here are sample questions a web design company should ask you.

  • What are your goals (primary and secondary) for your website?
  • What is your target market? Or, who is your target audience?
  • Is your target audience local, national, or global?
  • Who are your offline and online competitors?
  • What type of assets you want to provide? (images, videos, photos)
  1. Poor search engine rankings

For every business, SEO service from a trustworthy international SEO company is such a challenge. Sometimes, you’ll find it difficult to get your website ranked high for your targeted phrases and keywords. But keep in mind that one of the telltale signs of a clueless web design agency is their own ranking. You will know the company is well-developed and good at everything they do if they can be easily traced in the search engines.

Achieve a great web design experience by knowing these telltale signs of hiring a clueless web designer!

Many of us rely on internet especially in finding a service provider like medical website design Australia from Online Marketing for Doctors. Since the options are massive, you should not be confident sending money to a person or a company you have never known. With these telltale signs, you are not just practicing a clever decision-making, but saving yourself from wasting money and other important resources on scams as well.

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