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Why Contact Australian Synthetic Lawns For Your Next Lawn Improvement Project?

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Australian Synthetic Lawns offers ranging solutions to a lot of problems many homeowners face with their naturally-grassed lawns. So how does Australian Synthetic Lawns set itself from other turf companies? Read on.

Australian Synthetic Lawns is known for providing quality turf products that are mud-free, water conserving, low maintenance, durable and inexpensive. In addition to that,their products gain LEED credits and can increase the value of your home. Contact Australian Synthetic Lawns at for more information.

Advanced Technology

At Australian Synthetic Lawns, their turf products come with thatch fiber that can keep the blades of the grass to stand upright. These items use the latest and most advanced resin technology of today for better performance. The company implements Supersoft technology that enhances the softness of synthetic grass blade while ensuring their overall integrity strength.

Additiomally, oval-shaped polyethylene grass bladesensure the turf’s softness and durability. It also allows a multi-directional movement and greatly improves the resilience. Also, these fibers are made with inhibited ultraviolet polyethylene fibers. Each of the individual layer is designed to withstand ultraviolet degradation and exposure to the extreme temperatures.

Furthermore, they utilize state of the art backings that are formulated from renewable resources. Whatever is your purpose in installing fake grass, rest assured that you’ll get the best products at Australian Synthetic Lawns.

Turf vs. Real Grass

More and more people are now considering the application of synthetic grass over the natural grass. However, there are still people who believe that natural is still much better. Here, let’s compare the two to know which one is really better.


First and foremost, natural grass is quite hard to manage. It takes a lot of maintenance works and you are needed to pay a lot of money if you want your lawn to look beautiful and fresh all year long. Through the use of artificial grass, you’ll find that it’s much easier to manage. Synthetic turf is clean, and the maintenance little and the cost is much lower.

Environmental Impact

One great thing about synthetic turf is that it’s actually good for the environment. When you’re using natural grass for you garden, you’ll have to use a lot of water frequently. There will be many insects wherein you’ll need to use chemicals in order to deal with it. So this could possibly lead to shortage in water and too much chemical use can eventually negatively affect the wildlife.

On the other hand, by using synthetic grass, those problems can be prevented. The artificial lawn is not a place for bugs and insects. They’re not going to live in turf. And if there are no bugs or insects to be eliminated, it would mean you wouldn’t need to use chemical products. So if all people will choose to install fake grass, it will surely help in decreasing the use of chemical, helping to preserve our environment for long term.

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