5 Treats That Won’t Ruin Your Diet

Once you decide to try out a diet, whether for weight loss or simply to be healthier, it can be a difficult shift. Cutting out your favorite foods and replacing them with healthier versions is one of the hardest parts of dieting. Unhealthy food is naturally addictive and can be a seemingly impossible habit to break. Aside from the convenience of junk and fast food, the taste of it can be tough to kick to the side. However, there are ways to eat delicious foods that satisfy your cravings while avoiding ruining your diet.

Nice Cream- Nice cream is a craze that is everywhere. It is essentially frozen fruit that is blended to a certain thickness. with other delicious ingredients like coconut flakes, caco nibs, and various fruits. When it’s blended with a small amount of almond milk or coconut milk, it becomes the consistency of ice cream without the guilt.

Chocolate Almond Bars– High quality chocolate is actually not as bad for you as you may assume. Chocolate has excellent benefits for your heart by lowering your blood pressure and lowering your risk of heart disease. Throw in almonds and you have yourself a healthy snack that is actually working for you instead of against you.

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Chia Seed Pudding- Chia seeds are these teeny tiny little seeds that swell up when they come in contact with a liquid. They don’t have much flavor on their own but when added to a flavorful base like coconut milk, they swell up into a yummy and fulfilling pudding like dessert with much less sugar. Throw on a handful of raspberries for an added bit of flavor and texture and you’re all set.

Broiled Apple with Chocolate Drizzle- Apples on their own can seem like a pretty boring treat when you’re craving a slice of apple pie. Spruce up your apple slice cutting your apple in half and sticking it inside up under the broiler. The natural sugars in the apple will caramelize, creating a sinfully delicious crust. Drizzle with a tablespoon of dark chocolate to really boost the flavor.

Chocolate Avocado Mousse- Avocados are commonly considered a savory food. We use them in guacamole and on top of toast and rarely think of them as a sweet tooth soother. Start with a very ripe avocado in your blender. Throw in a bit of agave sugar (or your favorite low calorie sweetener), unsweetened cocoa powder, and a bit of vanilla extract. Blend all of the ingredients together until it forms a fluffy mousse. You can pop it in the fridge until it’s your desired temperature.

Whether you are enjoying chocolate almond bars or chia seed pudding, these treats will keep your diet on track!