Apple iPad Pro

  1. When was this Apple Inc. (apple stock price) product manufactured?

– The iPad Pro was first manufactured in the year of 2015 in the month of November 11th.

  1. Why was this Apple Inc. product created?

– It was created as a successor and a better version of the classic iPad series. The iPad Pro, as its name suggests, is more of a professional iPad than a regular one.

  1. What are the main features of this Apple Inc. product?

– The main features for the iPad Pro are:

  • The recent iPadPro’s are being built with a magnetic “Smart Connector”. Through this way, one can connect their Apple Pencil and the Apple Keyboard quiet and fairly easily.
  • With the help of the Apple Pencil, the iPad Pro has become a product that is used quite often in the Arts and Design Industry.
  • The recent iPad pros have a triple-lens camera.
  • The high-quality screen resolution gives it a realistic perspective for the person operating the iPad.


  1. Are there any newer or updated version of these Apple Inc. products? If yes, then, what are they?

– The current iPad Pros are being sold with the latest features like the smart magnetic connectors which were never available in the previous versions of the iPad Pro series.


  1. What all colours is this Apple Inc. product available in?

The iPad Pros are available in the following colours:

– Space grey

– Silver

– Rose gold

  • They are some of the most popular colours in which the iPad Pros are sold in.
  1. What is the purpose of buying or purchasing this Apple Inc. product?

– The iPad pros are widely used with the Apple Pencil and the Apple smart keyboard for work and education purposes.

– There also has been an increase in the purchasing of the iPad pro by people working in the Arts, Designing and the Fashion industry because of how convenient it is to operate for their occupational work along with the apple pencil.

  1. What should this Apple Inc. product actually be used for?

– The Apple iPad Pro should actually be used for professional work mostly. This way, one can completely utilize the features of the iPad Pro.

  1. What is the storage capacity of this Apple Inc. product?

– The storage capacity of the iPad Pros is at an unbelievable capacity. The iPad Pros starting storage capacity is 64 GB, and the highest storage capacity is 1 TB. Practically, a low-key laptop.

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