Benefits of Turning Your Loved One’s Ashes into a Diamond

Swiss Cremation Diamonds from Ashes | LONITÉ™The loss of a loved one is an experience that we all dread. In times of grief, we are always looking for ways to keep the memory of our loved ones alive and close to our hearts. Ashes to diamonds is a unique and beautiful phenomenon that allows you to memorialize a loved one in the most special way possible – by turning their cremated ashes into beautiful diamonds. This process has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and with good reason. In this article, we will delve deeper into ashes to diamonds, what exactly it entails, and how you can get started on this unique and precious journey.

  1. What is Ashes to Diamonds?

Ashes to diamonds is a unique process where carbon extracted from cremated human or pet remains is used to create a diamond. These diamonds are similar to natural diamonds and have the same physical and chemical properties. The only difference being that they are made using human ashes. This process is also known as memorial diamonds. Ashes to diamonds is the perfect way to keep a loved one’s memory alive as the diamond can be kept and passed down from generation to generation.

  1. The Process of Creating Ashes to Diamonds:

The process of creating ashes to diamonds involves using specialized equipment which simulates high pressure and high temperatures in a lab environment. This equipment is then used to extract carbon from the cremated remains of a loved one. Once the carbon has been extracted, it is placed in a diamond press where the same conditions that resulted in the formation of natural diamonds are replicated. Over a period of time, this process results in the formation of a beautiful and unique diamond.

  1. The Colors of Ashes to Diamonds:

One of the most beautiful aspects of ashes to diamonds is the variety of colors that can be created. The color of the diamond is determined by the amount and type of additive used during the process. Diamonds can range in color from white to yellow, brown, blue, green, and even red. For example, diamonds made from ashes containing boron are blue, while diamonds made from ashes containing nitrogen are yellow. This wide range of color options makes ashes to diamonds a popular choice for bespoke and meaningful jewelry.

  1. Choosing a Provider:

Creating a memorial diamond is not something that you come across every day, and you want to know that you have a credible and experienced provider. When choosing a provider for ashes to diamonds, it’s important to research and look for a provider with a good reputation, testimonials from happy clients, and experience. Providers should also provide you with a certificate of authenticity outlining the details of your diamond. Some providers also offer exclusive cuts or shapes that can add a personal touch to your diamond.

  1. Final Thoughts:


Ashes to diamonds is a unique and special way to keep the memory of a loved one alive. It’s important to remember that this process can take time and is not something that can be rushed. However, the end result is a unique and beautiful diamond that can be passed down from generation to generation as a symbol of the love that you shared with someone special. In times of grief, we look for ways to remember, and ashes to diamonds is truly a remarkable creation that can bring comfort and joy in difficult times.


Ashes to diamonds is a beautiful and unique way to celebrate the life of someone special who has passed away. It’s important to remember that this is a process that requires research and patience, as well as the care and respect that this special moment deserves. The end result is a beautiful and lasting memory that will keep a loved one’s memory close to your heart for generations to come.