Benefits of Using Freestanding Gas Fireplaces  

There is nothing quite as relaxing as spending a night in front of your own fireplace. When you are looking for a new fireplace to install in your home, there are several different options to choose from. The two most common options are the freestanding gas fireplace and the wood-burning fireplace. There are several reasons why freestanding gas fireplaces could be the right option for you and your home.

Easier to Control and Maintain

One of the main advantages of using freestanding gas fireplaces is that they are far easier to control and maintain. Wood-burning fireplaces will require you to strategically place wood, kindling, and starter blocks in your fireplace. Depending on the situation, an error in planning could result in the fire creating too much smoke or not starting at all. When you use a fireplace that uses gas it will be much easier to control the flame and temperature of the fire.

More Affordable Installation

If you are looking to install a fireplace, a gas fireplace is a much more affordable option. Wood-burning fireplaces will require you to build an entire chimney and structure to support it. This can be very expensive. With a gas fireplace, you will need a gas line and simple exhaust system, which is much more affordable.

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 No Need for Wood

While many people enjoy the sound and smell that comes with a wood burning fireplace, simply having and using wood will require a lot of effort. To have food for your fire you will need to have it delivered on a regular basis and stored in a dry location. This can be expensive and end up using valuable space in your home. When you have a standalone gas fireplace you will not need any wood or other objects.


Many people also choose to install gas fireplaces because they are much safer. When you use a wood burning fireplace you will have to use wood, paper, and other objects that can be somewhat unpredictable. Even if you are an expert and building fires, there will always be a risk that a small spark could fly out of the fire. If you are not paying attention at the time, it could potentially cause a fire. When you use a fireplace that is powered by gas, this risk is nearly eliminated.

Less Regulatory Issues

Another reason why you should consider getting a freestanding gas fireplace is that there are less regulatory concerns. Several major cities across the country and other places of the world including San Francisco, San Jose, and Montreal, have put forth regulations that have either for bidden or limited the use of wood burning fireplaces. To continue to prevent deforestation, many other cities are expected to enact similar laws. If you invest in a wood-burning fireplace, you could one day be prevented from using it entirely.

 In conclusion, a fireplace can be an excellent addition to any home. When you are looking for a fireplace, the two main options are the freestanding gas fireplace and the wood-burning fireplace. While there are advantages to both, there are several reasons why you should consider installing freestanding gas fireplaces.