Best Beaches To Visit in Puerto Escondido

Several parts of the Oaxacan coast in Mexico is often termed as “undiscovered paradise” for a reason. The stretch shares its borders with the Pacific Ocean. It has some of the best beaches in the whole of North America and especially in Mexico. The gorgeous sandy beaches with pristine waters can be an absolute treat to your eyes if you are on a vacation mode. For anyone who loves to explore beaches and take part in different water sports, Puerto Escondido is the best place you can visit this summer in 2021.

Wondering which are the best beaches you should visit in Puerto Escondido? Check out these top 4 beaches that you should not miss!

  • Playa Coral – if you love chasing sunsets, then Playa Coral is the perfect destination for you. From this beach you can get an unobstructed view of the setting sun along the horizon of the Pacific Ocean. For those who want to experience the true “Golden Hour” this is the beach you should be visiting. The entire sky is filled with colors during the dusk and there’s no better place where you can witness it.

You can literally spend hours on this beach and click some amazing photographs. The waves here are a little rough, so you should avoid swimming if you are a beginner. There are many restaurants and bars that line up the shore where you can get yourself a nice treat as well.

  • Playa Zicatela – another fantastic beach in Puerto Escondido is the Playa Zicatela that you should visit for the extravagant nightlife that exists here. There are several bars and pubs that have been set up here for the tourists. Avenida de los Morros is the most famous street here where you can find all the recreational activities. The pubs are posh and are usually packed with a decent crowd of foreigners and locals.

The beach is also a great spot for surfing because of its high waves that constantly crash on the shore. So, before you visit one of the pubs for a delicious drink, why don’t you pump some adrenaline by surfing here?

  • Playa Carrizalillo – we can be that there is no other beach as beautiful as the Playa Carrizalillo in this state. The beach is surrounded by lush greenery all around and white sandy beaches where you can bask under the sun. You will need to descend down a flight of stairs to reach the beach and once you are there, it is truly paradise in front of you. In spite of being a small beach, it won’t disappoint you in any way. You can spend the whole day exploring the surrounding cliffs and swimming in the pristine waters of this beach.

You can go for a small hiking trip to explore the lush cliffs that surround the beach from both the sides or sit back and relax under a cabana for the day. Order your favorite cocktails and watch the waves crash on the shore.

  • Playa Puerto Angelito – if you want to check out a more calm and secluded beach, then Playa Puerto Angelito is the best choice you have. A beautiful beach with gorgeous landscape and crystal clear turquoise blue waters, the beach is not very crowded for most part of the year. So, if you want to spend some private time with your loved ones, then this is the right beach.

These are the top beaches in Puerto Escondido that should be on your bucket list when you are going to visit Mexico. Don’t forget to check out the Puerto Escondido Mexico weather before you are booking your tickets for the flight.