Consult With a Maritime Lawyer in Houston Regarding Boat or Yacht Insurance Problems 

Many people who live in Houston enjoy having a pleasure boat, sailboat, or yacht. Most boat owners understand the need to have insurance to cover the risks to the boat and its passengers, while the boat is on the water.

Yacht owners need additional insurance to cover the expensive fittings and things that are typically found inside a yacht. If there are items on the yacht, which are very valuable, such as fine artwork; they will likely need to have a special insurance rider added to the insurance policy that specifically covers them.

Hurricane Risk

Another risk that can cause a serious problem comes from hurricanes. If bad weather comes up, in the form of a major hurricane, and a boat or yacht is moored to a pier, some serious surprising risks can present themselves. Some insurance policies have exclusion clauses for “acts of God” and other reasons.

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Exclusion Clauses

These exclusion clauses may remove the obligation for an insurance underwriter to cover any damages. Such exclusion clauses can be tricky and intentionally made to hide the ways insurance companies escape from paying for any damages under an insurance policy. It is important to consult with a good maritime lawyer Houston has, to review insurance for such exclusions and then make sure to put the proper insurance in place.

Damage to Things on Land

Even if the boat or yacht has coverage for hurricane damage, another unusual problem can come up as noted by a maritime lawyer Houston clients rely upon. This is what happens when a boat or a yacht comes loose from its moorings during a bad hurricane and then gets violently pushed on shore to cause significant property damage. In such cases, the boat owner may also be responsible for the property damage caused by the boat or yacht when it smashes into other things on shore.

Insurance Disputes

Disputes frequently come up with insurance underwriters that refuse to pay legitimate claims. If a boat or a yacht comes smashing through the window glass for the living room of a luxury home during a hurricane a dispute may arise over which insurance policy will cover the damages. This can leave the owners of the boat or yacht responsible for the homeowner’s damages. When such a situation occurs, it is best to consult with a maritime lawyer Houston clients know will do the best job to protect their interests.


Insurance companies are notorious for failing to pay proper claims if there is a way to dispute the claim. Because insurance companies can cause problems, it is best to have a personal injury, maritime, Jones Act, and auto accident injury lawyer located in Houston, TX to represent you. If an accident or damage from severe weather occurs, the best advice is to consult with an attorney first, before making any statements to any representative of the insurance company. Hopefully, you also had the presence of mind to have a maritime attorney review all insurance coverage prior to the unfortunate event, so that damages are covered by adequate insurance.