Everything You Need to Know about Cool Roofing

What Is A “Cool Roof”?

Nowadays, certain roofing units are made to give your home the greatest energy efficiency. These “cool roofs” reflect up to 80% of the sun’s rays, which lowers the transfer of heat into your house. These roofs are certainly better with insulation that the standard roof. They are also known to have better resilience against the elements. These roofs were once made in only black and white but now you can get a variety of colors to match your home’s exterior. Cool roofing is certainly a consideration for residential roof installation in¬†Dallas TX.¬†

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The Downside of Conventional Roofing

Most homes in the United States have darker-colored roofs. This results in higher cooling costs for the building overall as black attracts heat. Many conventional roofs use wood and shingles which do not reflect much sunlight. Because of this, heat is stored in the home’s attic and sheathing which causes the air conditioner to work harder. With so much heat inside the home, your comfort is going to decrease. With these concerns, costs go up and air pollution is increased.

The Benefits Of “Cool Roofing”

Cool roofs offer solutions to all the above concerns. For one, the building will stay cooler even on hot summer days without high energy cost. Another positive aspect of the “cool roof” is that they reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. This might be something to consider if you live in a city that gets smoggy. These roofs are better for the environment inside your home as well. This is because they keep the air at the maximum comfort level without using much energy. For residential roof installation in Dallas TX, cool roofing is an excellent option.