How to Find Functional Lab Furniture that Looks Great

The first goal of a well-designed laboratory is a top function level, as it is imperative to have a workspace that is efficient and streamlined. Once the functionality is accounted for, more aesthetic considerations can be given to the lab furniture.


Stainless steel is often the material chosen for laboratory furniture as it is easy to clean and non-porous. In addition to these two factors, pieces made of stainless can offer a sleek profile and an interesting visual experience. Stainless steel also allows for easy disinfecting and clean-up. There is also a large inventory of stainless tables, chairs, and stools available at reasonable cost. The main design elements of laboratories and lab furniture must take second place to the functional equipment and the desired flow patterns necessary to function at a high level. Stainless steel is very popular in these types of environments for the reasons stated above, as well as the solid design profile that they provide.

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Laboratories must be able to function when multiple projects are undertaken and their flow must allow for some flexibility in workspace function and use. In order to have this functionality at a high level, it is a good idea to create a thorough and comprehensive design plan prior to the procurement of any lab furniture or equipment. If a renovation is being undertaken then it is even more important to complete a plan prior to starting the work. Determine which pieces will stay and which will go and how that will affect space available for new lab furniture and equipment. Renovations can be more difficult in some instances as there may be aspects of the lab workspace that cannot be altered as desired. With a comprehensive design plan, costly errors can be avoided.

Lab furniture need not be solely utilitarian, and once the function of the piece has been determined there is some room for form. Design can help to create a more enjoyable and productive workspace and provide an environment that embodies a positive feeling.