How To Prevent Chrome Rims From Rusting

So, you’ve scored an excellent set of Mercedes Benz chrome rims for sale. No doubt, these rims have significantly enhanced the look of your car. And this revamped aesthetic appeal has all the more prompted you to hit the road more often.

Well, not so fast — especially if you’re the type of driver who ignores the importance of regular cleaning and polishing. Did you know that with frequent use, coupled with such neglect, your rims will be subject to accelerated wear and tear? Who would want to drive a car with rusting rims?

In this read, we’re running down the key steps on how to prevent rust from eating up your sleek, shiny chrome rims.

Cleaning your chrome rims is a weekly affair. This is the frequency you should follow when it comes to cleaning — whether your rims are brand new or Mercedes Benz chrome rims for sale.

Start off by washing them with water using a garden hose. Just make sure you don’t use too much pressure to avoid damaging your rims.

Wash thoroughly using the recommended polish product. Before washing it with a sponge, mix the polish product first with water as per the manual of instructions.

Rinse them off using a garden hose. Upon washing your rims with the abovementioned solution, use a garden hose with just enough water pressure to rinse your rims off.

Use a chrome rim spray cleaner for stubborn dirt and debris. If there are still any remaining grime and dirt after the rinse-off, spray a specialized cleaner and use a sponge to wash the rims.

Dry them using soft clothing. Wipe off the rims only with soft clothes. Have a keen eye and make sure that any visible debris is thoroughly removed.

Apply a wax coating to keep their shiny appearance. Again, using soft cloths, apply a coating of wax and wipe them off again with a separate set of soft cloths.

Must-Know Warnings

Though it’s fairly easy to maintain a good-looking set of chrome rims (whether they’re brand new or a recently-purchased Mercedes Benz chrome rims for sale), there are some warnings you also to consider.

Don’t use stiff brushes. As a basic rule, only use dedicated soft sponges when cleaning your rims. Stiff brushes, and other scratch-inducing items like scouring pads, can cause damage to your prized rims. As mentioned above, follow the instructions given by the manufacturer and only use the recommended cleaning products.

Don’t clean right after driving. Rims, especially the chrome ones, are prone to damage if they’re immediately cleaned using cold water after driving. Let your vehicle cool down first before doing some washing and cleaning.

Don’t use chrome rims during winter. Though maintaining chrome rims during the snowy season is not entirely impossible, it can be quite challenging. The moisture brought about by the weather condition accelerates the rusting process. Add the salt used on sidewalks and roads to the mix, and you have the needed ingredients to expedite the rusting. Many experts and car owners alike recommend switching to stock rims in the meantime.

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