How To Select dress materials

When choosing dress materials one also needs to consider the usage and style of the garment one is intending to get stitched. The right dress material is absolutely important while designing garments. Below mentioned are some of the parameters according to which one must choose their dress materials in order to obtain optimal results.


In order to get optimal results out of the final product, one must choose the right kind of fabric for specific occasions. A silk dress material would provide a luxurious appeal for a wedding or a festive occasion whereas a cotton dress material is the best option for comfortable daily wear.


One must choose hard-wearing fabrics for the garment one is intending to use more. Although investment in high-quality dress materials does come at a higher price, such an investment is absolutely worth it in a long time.


It is always a wise option to make investments in dress materials that can withstand multiple washes and can be easily ironed. Prior to cutting and customization, dress materials must be washed and ironed. Consequently, this would prevent the dress material from creasing to some extent.

Other than considering the style of the garment to be stitched dress materials must also be compatible with seasonal changes. Some dress materials are ideal for winter seasons whereas some may be more appropriate for the hot season. Below mentioned are some of the dress materials which are compatible with particular seasonal changes.


Being an animal fiber, wool is perfect for the winter seasons as well as the colder months. Since it is highly insulating, wool is known to provide warmth. Apart from being insulating, it is also highly absorbent and moisture wicking. But one of the drawbacks of this fabric is its high maintenance as compared to others. Also, certain varieties of wool are sometimes prone to shrinkage.


For summers and warmer months, nothing suits the body perfectly than cotton! Being a plant fiber, cotton is ideal for the hot summer blues due to its higher absorbency rate and breathability. Clothes made of cotton fabric facilitate better air circulation which helps in avoiding the build-up of moisture on the body. Thus, preventing any infections caused by fungus or bacteria.


Silk is known to be one of the finest and luxurious fabrics that is widely used among people. Known to be one of the strongest fabrics, this fabric can be spun to finer details. It is one of the versatile fabrics known. This makes it an ideal choice for winters(provides warmth) and summers(highly absorbent).


Choosing the right dress material according to the occasion, durability factor, maintenance as well as varying seasons is absolutely important. One can find textiles fulfilling the style requirements and also choose fabrics that appropriately suit all needs.