Interested In Making a Donation To An Israeli Charity? 

TVC: A Top Israeli Charity. Feed, Eduate & Clothe the Poor

Thousands of Israeli families are suffering from food insecurity and desperately need assistance. People need to have access to food in general.

In order for a child to develop properly, they need proper nutrition. Since they have the capacity to learn and develop faster, well-fed children are more likely to participate fully in society in later life.

Meir Panim is one of Israel’s most recognized charities, working to keep Israelis healthy and free from hunger, poverty, and malnutrition. With almost twenty years of experience helping the poorest and hungriest of Israel, Meir Panim has helped thousands of Israelis. Without generous donors like you, we would not be able to fight poverty and hunger. Hence, if you want to move your helping hand to donate to Israel, Meir Panim might be a good choice. 

Make a donation to Israel and contribute to humanitarian jobs

Founded in Israel, Meir Panim is a charity that makes it convenient for individuals who wish to contribute to poverty reduction in society to invest in projects that do so. The largest charity group in Israel, Meir Panim, reaches out to a wide range of topics. In order to support Israeli charities, donors can contribute to a number of initiatives affecting different aspects of Israeli society through Meir Panim. Donate to Israel so that this humanitarian cause may continue. 

Invest in the Future Together: Your Donation Makes a Real Difference 

The benefit of online donating is that you don’t have to leave your home and can stay safe at the same time. Meir Panim provides 2,614 grocery shopping cards to seniors and families each year, along with hot meals, and keeps track of 34,500 children’s needs. We need to combat the hunger epidemic in Israel. We can save lives by donating today.