Parking bollards

Some private cars usually have their parking space reserved and secured at their business location. This prevents unauthorized parking into the private bay. For this reason, barriers have to be put for vehicles and pedestrians to reserve parking space. Bollards are, therefore, ideal for these and street areas. Parking bollards are quite appropriate when it comes to parking.

Choosing the right bollard

The impact resistance and degree of security will depend on the mounting type and material making the bollard. In terms of resistance, steel pipe bollards are appropriate while in terms of visibility, covers, and surface- mounted bollards are the best. For regulating vehicle access, collapsible and removable bollards are available. You can choose any of these parking bollards that we offer based on the factors below.

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In terms of visibility, you should opt for light bollards. This type of bollard is visible under low light conditions. Solar light bollards can be surface mounted. Lighting units are self-contained fully.

Flexible Bollards

Where the traffic is heavy and collisions are unavoidable, this type of bollard is appropriate. These parking bollards can withstand high multiple impacts without losing their position and shape

Access Control

Controlling access to limited within bounds areas can sometimes be difficult in the absence of bollards. However, in the presence of parking bollards, this becomes possible. Removable, collapsible and retractable bollards are used to regulate control and can be secured with an internal locking mechanism. Collapsible bollards are securely anchored. What makes them ideal for vehicle access control is their hinged construction. Our removable bollards are the best and are available in non-locking and locking models to fit your security needs. Embedding mounting options are present in a wide range.

Bolt-down safety

One of the simplest means of increasing the parking lot safety is through the use of bolt down bollards. They have a non-intrusive surface mounting making their relocation and installation easy. They provide low non-impact security appropriate for use in parking lots.

Quality bollards

Landscapes should be made not only for long time use but also decoration and maintenance.  In terms of quality, bollards are be made of quality materials to ensure negligible corrosion and wear.

Cars are being parked every day and the need of parking bollards keeps increasing. Security has to be ensured and space preservation is there. You can, therefore, talk to us about the best quality bollards with affordable prices.