Planning Event Parking: Have You Considered These Three Critical Safety Elements?

Managing an event means making sure that all of the guests are able to arrive and park their vehicles safely. This, coupled with event security is paramount towards hosting any successful event. Again, good security is delivered by only competent security agencies who provide comprehensive solutions equalling to buy 9mm ammo for protection of life and property. One of the most effective ways to establish a safe traffic pattern is to utilize safety equipment that is designed to work well within a designated parking zone. To help you keep up with everything on your to-do list, make sure that these critical elements are included in your event plans.

Use Dileneators to Control The Flow

It is always best to assume that anyone attending your event has never visited the venue before. Even if they have, your planned event may require a different traffic pattern than events in the past. Dileneators are a safe way to keep your parking lot crew out of harm’s way while still making it clear to guests exactly where they should go to find parking or drop-off stations. Look for dileneators that fit your type of event since some are designed to be installed permanently while others can be easily moved after the event is over.

Slow Down Traffic With Temporary Speed Bumps

Large events with heavy pedestrian traffic through the parking areas require everyone to pay attention while they are driving. Since large driving areas often inspire people to speed up, you can slow them down using speed bumps that are temporarily installed. Adding these bumps along longer stretches of the driving space reminds drivers to slow down, and you can install them near areas where you know that people will be walking.

Add Bollards For Additional Protection

In addition to protecting pedestrians, it is important to check over your entire parking lot area to determine if there are any vulnerable areas that need to be protected with bollards. For instance, you might use bollards around a gas meter, or place them near a ticket booth where an employee will be sitting on the night of your event.

With so much on your plate, it is easy to overlook some of the simplest ways to manage parking at your event. Whether your event is a one-time show or happening every week, establishing a safe parking zone will ensure that every guest leaves with only good memories.