Say yes to smart technology solutions

If you believe that stamps are the tools which Royal Mail sees the UK’s postal network using in the future, then you’re falling behind. Royal Mail is urging customers to adopt efficientcutting-edge technology with the most cost effectivetariff:  A smart technology franking machine eligible for their Mailmark scheme cost and service benefits.

Today’s franking machines are extremely user friendly but they have the functionality and speed through smart technology that yesterday’s models don’t.

Franking machine guide: Yesterday’s model is inferior

Franking machine suppliers must only sell or hire out smart technology machines so that future advances can be absorbed by machines and their users. The older machines simply can’t offer the tools or cope with the Royal Mail updates.

Stamps are no technology with the highest costs. An older franking machine saves a little money but you cost your enterprise by sticking with it.

A financial incentive to use smart technology is that the Royal Mail franking prices with their Mailmark scheme are only available with eligible smart franking machines and VAT reclaim benefits apply solely to these products. So, that’s the best technology at the lowest cost.

You will notice a difference in time usage and costs even with a small post load, plus there’s no need to queue at the Post Office. You can process all mail from the office and drop it off at one of the numerous franked mail boxes.

Franking machine guide: Ease of operations

  • Hire or purchase from smart franking machine suppliers so that you can effectively budget.
  • Online account management is available with firms like IMS Franking Machines.
  • Purchase consumables via the account, 24/7.
  • Smart Royal Mail frankingprices are correct for every itemprocessed by the machine.
  • Franked mail is treated as business mail so travels more efficiently from A-B.
  • Delivers a professional and tidy image on mail items.
  • Free marketing can be achieved by typing unique messages on to the franking machine for printing on to the labels.
  • You have trackable mail via readable 2D barcodes.
  • With Mailmark, alongside the best Royal Mail franking prices, you have online visibility of the mail in transit and any error details are provided. Excellent for customer service needs.
  • Accurate, comprehensive reporting tools.

Franking machine guide: Two examples from franking machine suppliers

Pitney Bowes IMS 220 –medium use:

  • Mailmark compliant smart technology franking machine.
  • Processes up to 45 pieces of mail per minute.
  • VAT reclaim benefits.
  • Exact postage fee, every time.
  • A built in 5kg scale.
  • Handles envelopes up to 9.5mm thick.
  • Can date stamp incoming mail

SendPro 3000 for high volumes:

  • Processes up to 310 items per minute.
  • 15” Colour touchscreen operation.
  • Weigh on the way.
  • Dimensions on the way.
  • 7kg weighing platform with 35kg optional.
  • Colour printing –excellent for marketing.
  • 1200 dpi print quality.
  • 1000 cost centres, 3000 optional.

To learn more please speak to an industry expert like the team at IMS Franking Machines in Aldermaston. Revolutionise your post processing.