The Role of an Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Establishing the cause of an accident can be a very daunting task. Accidents that involve multiple factors may require an accident reconstruction expert witness to establish the cause. Victims who sustained life-threatening injuries could end up uncompensated if no proper evidence is established. Claimants require an experienced car accident attorney in Toledo to analyze the scene and verify that indeed there was negligence from the liable party.

Accidents Reconstruction Experts can be helpful

Accident reconstruction experts are professionals who leverage various factors to establish the ultimate cause of accidents. They make use of physics, engineering and another set of skills to correlate factors that could have led to the accident. This helps them to determine who was at fault for the auto crash.  For purposes of accuracy, they use scene evidence like videos, photos, and eyewitnesses so that proper analysis is done.

Accident reconstruction expert witness is paramount in personal injury or wrongful death claim. The expert can identify secretive details that led to the occurrence of the collision. These details include the speed at which the driver was during the collision, use of the wrong indicator that mislead others to collide and neglecting road signs that led to the occurrence of a collision. Such details cannot be easily revealed after accidents yet they determine the success or failure of your claim.

These experts examine even cars to identify any malfunctioning aspect that could have led to the occurrence of the collision. Inspection of the brake system, lights, steering, and the clutch system could help determine if it was a car’s functioning problem that caused the accident.

The findings of an accident reconstruction expert witness are highly trusted by insurance companies. That means it’s easy for your claim to go through. In the unlikely event that an insurance company fails to compensate you, you can take the findings to the court.  

The attorney will use the findings to defend you and a sound judgment will be made based on the facts presented.  With the expert evidence, the accident occurrence can be re-created to display what conspired before the collision. The accident re-creation is done through the use of computer software.

How You Can One Find an Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness

There are multiple ways through which people can find an accident reconstruction expert. The most basic way is through contacting the Ohio Traffic Accident Reconstruction Association. Most accident attorneys can also link victims to accident reconstruction experts. The advantage of seeking an accident reconstruction expert through a lawyer is that you will get legal counsel as well. The accident lawyer and the accident reconstruction expert will work together to build a convincing case. Therefore, winning the case will be very easy and you will obtain compensation within the shortest time possible.

Accident reconstruction expert witnesses are necessary if you want your claim to be immensely convincing. The insurance companies will be easily convinced by the findings and even if they don’t, the lawyers can use the evidence to defend you in a court of law.