Top 5 Must-Have Weed Dugouts for Maximum Convenience & Discretion

How To Keep Your Weed Glass Pipes Clean | crackmacs.caWeed dugouts are a great way to store and transport marijuana. They provide easy access, odor control, and discretion. Whether you’re looking for something discreet and small enough to fit in your pocket or something more elaborate and stylish to compliment your look, there is a weed best dugout that will suit your needs. Here is a comprehensive list of the best weed dugouts that are currently on the market. 


The Kannastör GR8TR V2 Grinder Jar Combo is perfect for those who want convenience and portability in one package. This combo includes an aluminum grinder with three pieces that interlock for easy grinding, as well as a storage jar with screw-top lid to keep your herb safe from damage or moisture loss. The grinder also comes with a silicone nonstick sleeve so you can easily remove any excess material from the grinder blades without having to worry about scraping them clean. The jar also features a clear window so you can easily view how much herb you have left inside. 


The OTTO Pocket Dugout Box is ideal for those who need something small enough to fit in their pocket while still providing enough capacity to store plenty of herb at once. This box features two compartments—one for storing your herb and one for storing your tobacco pipe—and it comes with its own cleaning brush so you can keep your box clean and ready for use at all times. It even has an adjustable lid that allows you to adjust the airflow depending on whether you’re using it for dry herbs or smoking tobacco. 


The Pineapple Express Magnetic Storage Container 


If style is what you’re after then look no further than the Pineapple Express Magnetic Storage Container! This container looks like a real pineapple but serves as an excellent storage solution for both dry herbs and tobacco pipes thanks to its magnetic closure system which ensures everything stays securely stored inside at all times. It even has a built-in divider which makes it easy to separate out different types of herbs if needed. Plus, this container is incredibly lightweight yet durable enough to survive any bumps or drops during transport!  


Whether you’re looking for something discreet, stylish, or just plain convenient there is sure to be a weed dugout on this list that meets all of your needs! All of these products offer odor control, discretion, and easy access while being able to hold plenty of herb at once – making them perfect choices when it comes time to store and transport marijuana safely and securely! 


The High Rise Wood Box – This stylish wooden box features three separate compartments that can hold up to 1 gram each—perfect for storing multiple strains at once without worrying about them getting mixed up! Plus, it comes complete with an airtight seal that helps keep everything fresh and secure until needed again later on down the line.


Weed dugouts are essential tools for any cannabis enthusiast looking to store their flowers in style without drawing too much attention from passersby. There are many factors to consider when shopping for weed dugouts such as storage capacity, material used in construction, type of design preferred etc., however once all these elements have been taken into account selecting the right product becomes much simpler!