Various contracts available in COD: Warzone to earn cash

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Call of duty: warzone is becoming sensational and more players are coming in as it is easy to play with cheats like warzone aimbot. Either you play battle royale or plunder, you would need cash. The best option to earn cash is to complete the various tasks known as contracts. Let us discuss the various types of contracts in the game. 




If you are interested in killing persons and in need of cash, a bounty contract will be the go-to factor. In this contract, you will get a target, and you should kill him within the timing to get rewards. You can see the location of the player, and your radius will be reducing as you get close to him. There is a huge advantage for this contract. You can get rewards for the completion of the task without even completing it. If any other player in the field kills your target without knowing that you are about to do it, you will get your rewards as agreed. So, this contract attracts more gamers as there is a possibility of every player-killing others. 




There will be natural loot boxes somewhere around the map. But if you are taking up the Scavenger contract, you will be assigned with the task of finding out three specific loot boxes within the time. An advantage of this contract is that you will get rewards and cash as usual and also can take the loot items in the three boxes you find. Hence, there will be more rewards in this type of contract. If you complete this task on time, you will get the health plate bundle known as Armor Sachet. You can use this to hold eight armor plates for future use. Without this Armor Sachet, you can only store up to five plates. 




What if you choose to invite people to kill yourself? The same will be the task here. You will be stagnant in one place, and there will be a flare towards the sky that will indicate your position. You cannot move from the place for some time. But if you get to pass through this task alive, your rewards will be worth this risk. 


Most wanted


It is the act of deciding to become a center of attention for your opponents. In this contract, every other player will get the task of killing you, and everyone will try to do so. But if you survive this all-sided attack, you will get more cash and rewards. Apart from these rewards, you can also get a chance to bring back a dead player of your team or squad who has lost his one-on-one fight in the Gulag. Otherwise, you would have to spend $4000 to buy that player back. 


Supply run


In this contract, you can enjoy various attractive discounts on all the items present in specific buy stations that will be marked. You would have to rush to these marked stations on time to avail of the discounts.