What Makes Some Pearls More Valuable Than Others?

When you see two pearl necklace of same length looking identical but differ significantly in value. What makes some pearls valuable than others. The birth process is same for each natural pearl.

An irritant enters inside the soft tissue of the mollusk shell and as a defense reaction it starts to produce nacre to cover this irritant. It is the same material as mother of pearl. Some mollusks are able to eliminate these pearls out from their body, which fall onto the sea floor.

In culturing process, a technician inserts an irritant inside the mollusk’s shell to encourage the formation of nacre. These oysters are then placed inside a net, which protects them from predators as well as keeps them from opening their shell wide to eject the pearl. Visit site PearlsOnly to get a peek of variety of pearls.

It sounds simple but not all mollusk produce pearls; many die due to water-borne disease or predators attack. This is nature, where plenty of natural happenings hinder the formation of pearl.

Birth of pearls

If the mollusk survives then in or after 18 months, pearl is made.

  • What does it look like?
  • Is its surface scraped or bumpy?
  • What is its color? Or how is its color distributed on the surface?
  • What is nacre quality?
  • How round is it?
  • How large is it?

Pearls look different and depending on its appearances value can change. Pearls value depends on its appearance and when it was harvested. Grading is done on basis of shape, size, luster, color, surface quality and nacre thickness.

Grading issues

Grading is subjective! One jewelry gives A+ grade to their pearls while another retailer may disagree. With little knowledge identify your own pearls value. When you inherit or shop for pearl jewelry bear in mind that pearls having high quality nacre and incredible luster will maintain their look for years.

Resale or replacement value

Resale value of pearls may be less than its purchase price. You may have purchased pearls, when the market was at peak. It does not mean those pearls can be sold for same or more price unless pearls are very unique but this needs to carry some authentication.

Sometimes the pearl value is high because production cost was a lot not because they have big value. The best thing is to change your perception about pearls value. Find some internal value without looking for external valuation.

Wear them, adore them, love them and enjoy them!